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7 Bad Habits That Will Age Your Eyes

It’s a given that we can all agree our eyesight is extremely important. We all want to maintain our eye health for our whole lives. Here are 7 bad habits that are your eyes that you may not have considered from our Optometrist in New Westminster.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

Ultraviolet rays break down the collagen fibers on your eyelids resulting in your eyes looking older. These harmful rays can also lead to cataract development, macular degeneration, skin cancer and growths on the surface of the eye that can be difficult to remove.

Not Hydrating

We are told to keep hydrated for other reasons and all the cells in your body are 55 to 60% water including your eyes, lack of hydration can lead to dry, bloodshot eyes and inability to produce enough tears.

Not Sleeping Enough

Poor sleep habits can accelerate the aging process and in studies it’s been found lack of sleep impairs the body’s ability to repair skin damage.

Rubbing Your Eyes

The habit of frequently rubbing your eyes can damage the tissue of your eyelids by applying this mechanical pressure. Rubbing causes loss in skin elasticity on the eyelids and may result in drooping eyelids and possibly watering of the eyes themselves.


Aging of your eyes can be added to the list of the harmful effects of smoking has on your health, it increases the risk of blindness by 4 to 6 fold as well as other eye related diseases such as macular degeneration.

Poor Diet

Green, leafy vegetables, berries and cold water fish essential for all aspects of our long term health are rich in nutrients. They all have preventative properties for diseases of the eyes for example cataracts and macular degeneration.

Not Getting Your Eyes Checked

The best way to protect your healthy eyes and correct any vision problems you may be experiencing is having an annual eye exam.  There are many conditions that may be found that you may not even experience any symptoms!  Often slight changes we may not notice can be found during your visit to our Optometrist clinic in New Westminster & Burnaby.