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Introducing the new Bausch and Lomb Ultra contact lenses.

We all love technology, whether it is the latest and greatest in cell phones, televisions, tablets and cars.  But it doesn’t just stop with electronics, technology is great for eyecare as well including contact lenses.

Although most doctors of optometry will recommend daily disposable contacts lenses as their first recommendation to their patients, there is still a large portion of people wearing monthly disposable lenses.  Quite shockingly, there hasn’t been a new monthly disposable lens released to the market since 2008!  All these people wearing monthly lenses are wearing lenses that were designed over 8 years ago!

Finally there is a new lens on the market that incorporates today’s technology.  It’s called Bausch & Lomb Ultra monthly disposable lenses.  While it has been available in the US for over a year,  we have been anxiously waiting for it to come to Canada and its now available in Canada!  Based on the reviews that we have been hearing, we are excited to now offer this to our patients.

So what makes this lens different?  Simply put, COMFORT.

Did you know that you blink up to 66% less when you are focused on the digital device?  Considering how much we are on electronic devices these days, this can cause your contact lenses to dry out and feel less comfortable.  Ultra contact lenses have MoistureSeal technology that helps prevent lens dehydration that may be caused by reduced blink rates.  The lenses help retain moisture for a full 16 hours and provide superior vision throughout the day.

Want to try the latest and greatest in lenses?  We are excited to offer them now at Opal Optometry.

Please come in to try out these lenses.  We’d love to know what you think of them.