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Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

Contact Lenses and Fittings for Ultimate Performance and Comfort

Did you know that contact lenses are considered medical devices? That’s because they sit directly on your eyes and require a special prescription that’s different from an eyeglasses prescription.

Most importantly, contact lenses need to be fitted by an eye care professional.

With a proper fitting, contact lenses are the perfect option for those who don’t want to wear eyeglasses all the time or don’t qualify for laser vision correction surgery. Just pop ‘em in and go!

Don’t Mess With Your Eyes! Get a Professional Contact Lens Exam and Fitting from Opal Optometry in New Westminster.

The Contact Lens Fitting Process is Comfortable and Straightforward

Dr. Charn Toor at Opal Optometry spends quality time with each of his patients. When you come in for your comprehensive eye exam, and contact lens fitting, Dr. Toor will make sure that you have an accurate prescription and that your eyes are healthy enough for contact lenses, and will recommend the type of lenses that best suit your needs and lifestyle.

We are equipped to fit all types of contact lenses meant for different purposes and functions, including:

  • Toric
  • Multifocal

After your exam and lens fitting, you’ll take your trial contact lenses home to test out in your everyday life, then return to our office for a follow-up appointment to let us know how they feel and how well you see. It won’t take long until we’ve found the perfect contact lenses for you.

A Selection of Contact Lens Brands to Meet Every Need

We carry all the new contact lens brands on the market, including Biofinity, Air Optix, Acuvue Oasys, Total1, and ULTRA. We have extended wear, daily disposables, two-week disposables, and monthly disposables, too.

Learn more about the contact lens varieties we have available.

Your First Time Wearing Contacts? We’ve Got You Covered.

At Opal Optometry, we provide full training to anyone who’s new to wearing contact lenses. It can be a little overwhelming if you don’t like the idea of touching your eyes, but with our help, we’re confident you’ll master putting your contact lenses in and taking them out in no time. Freedom from glasses is just a training session away.

Did You Know?

Contact lenses have never been more popular. In 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 40 million Americans aged 18 and older – that’s 17% of the adult population – wore contact lenses. But contacts can be problematic without a professional consultation and proper care – resulting in eye infections and other eye health-related concerns. Opal Optometry is here to help.

Request an eye exam and contact lens fitting with Dr. Toor.

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